(Austin, TX) June 3, 2024 – For Immediate Release

TCPA Executive Director, Michele Richmond, released the following statement regarding the announcement of almost 10,000 MW worth of new natural gas generation projects by TCPA members in the last three weeks. Many of these projects were made public through Notices of intent to apply filed in connection with the requirements of the Texas Energy Fund (TEF).

“TCPA members have made public their interest in building roughly 8,800 MW of natural gas generation in ERCOT through the Texas Energy Fund, as well as repowering and upgrading retiring and existing facilities. These announcements are a result of the progress made by the Public Utility Commission and ERCOT in implementing the legislation passed by the Texas Legislature to bolster resource adequacy in our competitive market in ERCOT. TCPA looks forward to collaborating with all stakeholders to finish these necessary reforms. If effectively implemented, these new policies will improve investor confidence, which will attract investment in reliable, dispatchable gas generation that ERCOT urgently needs.”

“With their experience as operators and developers of more than 50,000 MW of generation in ERCOT, and many more across the country, TCPA’s member companies are uniquely positioned to deliver on these applications in an efficient and timely manner. TCPA members are excited by the opportunity to be a part of the resource adequacy solution for Texas by putting their capital to work for Texas consumers.”

TCPA is comprised of publicly traded and privately held companies who are primarily competitive generators within ERCOT. TCPA members own approximately half of the generation in the ERCOT fleet and 82% of the natural gas generation in ERCOT.

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