TCPA official filings listed in chronological order.

ERCOT Filings

FINAL TCPA Comments on FFSS 12-9-2231.9 KBDecember 9, 2022Joint Commenters Comments on Proposed Amendment to ERCOT Bylaws 9.3057.3 KBSeptember 30, 20221085NPRR-10 Joint Commenters Comments 051022195.8 KBMay 10, 20221108NPRR-21 TCPA Comments 04122259.5 KBApril 12, 2022Final TCPA Comments on NPRR 110823.0 KBMarch 25, 2022TCPA Comments on NPRR 1092 3-8-2228.0 KBMarch 8, 20221097NPRR-05 TCPA Comments 01072240.1 KBJanuary 7, 20221105NPRR-04 TCPA Comments 111021126.5 KBNovember 10, 20211084NPRR-11_Joint_Commenters_Comments_09152142.6 KBSeptember 15, 20211085NPRR-09_Joint_Commenters_Comments_09152147.7 KBSeptember 15, 2021NPRR 1085 - Ensuring Continuous Validity of Physical Responsive Capability (PRC) and Dispatch through Timely Changes to Resource Telemetry and Current Operating Plans (COPs)22.4 KBJuly 14, 2021NPRR 1084 - Improvements to Reporting of Resource Outages and Derates22.4 KBJuly 14, 2021ERCOT Securitization Legis Comment1.2 MBJune 8, 2021PGRR 88 TCPA Comments-Include Financial Security Amount in the Monthly Generator Interconnection Status Report22.1 KBOctober 20, 2020NPRR 994 TCPA TIEC Joint Comments22.1 KBJuly 6, 2020NPRR 1006 TCPA Comments Final Update Emergency Response Service (ERS) Restoration Assumption for Reliability Deployment Price Adder to Match Actual Data39.0 KBApril 9, 2020TCPA CONE Study Comments - February 2020 FINAL28.2 KBApril 8, 2020NPRR 997 Gas Pipeline Coordination for Natural Gas Generation Resources52.0 KBApril 7, 2020NPRR 975 Load Forecast Model Transparency23.4 KBDecember 12, 2019NPRR 974 - Capacity Insufficiency Operating Condition Notice (OCN) Transparency44.3 KBSeptember 30, 2019NPRR 975 - Load Forecast Model Transparency38.6 KBSeptember 30, 2019NPRR-934-Comments49.0 KBMay 16, 2019Final NPRR Joint Stakeohlder Comments 2-1-19 NPRR 912423.0 KBFebruary 1, 2019TCPA Comments on NPRR 91244.0 KBJanuary 8, 2019

PUCT Filings

FINAL TCPA Response to Staff Question August 202349.3 KBAugust 15, 2023TCPA Reply to Centerpoint Energy Houston Electric1.0 MBFebruary 22, 2023TCPA Exception to Proposal of Centerpoint Energy Houston Electric1.0 MBFebruary 15, 2023Final TCPA comments on E3 Market Design Report - Filed 12-15-2273.2 KBDecember 15, 2022Final TCPA Comments on TDSP Notice to Launch Winter Load Management Pilot Programs - Filed 11-28-22368.2 KBNovember 28, 202252796 Initial Comments to PFP re 25.109 - FINAL38.6 KBNovember 14, 2022TCPA Comments on PfP filed 9-22-22671.8 KBSeptember 22, 2022TCPA Comments on PfP filed 7-5-22699.8 KBJuly 5, 2022TCPA Comments on Phase II Weatherization PfP 6-23-22513.3 KBJune 23, 202253493 Discussion Draft TCPA Comments DRAFT 20220518 Final431.5 KBMay 18, 2022TCPA letter Re Appeal Process and NPRR 1108 Final326.5 KBMay 10, 2022Final Comments Market Participant Requirements 4-29-2254.6 KBApril 29, 2022TCPA letter to Commission Regarding STEC proposal as of 3-25-22302.2 KBMarch 25, 2022Final TCPA Response to FFSS Questions59.0 KBMarch 21, 2022Final 53191 PFP Comments 3-18-2243.5 KBMarch 18, 202252287 TCPA Comments on Power Outage Alert PFP - FINAL36.4 KBJanuary 10, 202251841 TCPA Comments EOP PFP FINAL66.2 KBJanuary 4, 2022Filed 12-10-21 TCPA Comments on Staff Memo 12-6-21470.9 KBDecember 10, 202111-30-21 TCPA Comments on Proposals Discussed at 11-19-21 Work Session536.3 KBNovember 30, 2021TCPA Statement of Position in Opposition to Settlement Stipulation697.4 KBNovember 17, 2021TCPA Response to Commission Questions 11-1-21718.8 KBNovember 1, 2021FINAL HCAP PFP Comments 10-28-2152.8 KBOctober 28, 2021TCPA Comments on PUC Critical Gas Supply Rule 10-7-21603.4 KBOctober 8, 2021Project 52373-Executive Summary For TCPA Market Design Proposal416.3 KBSeptember 30, 2021Project 52632-Executive Summary Of Texas Competitive Power Advocates Comments On The High System-Wide Offer Cap510.9 KBSeptember 30, 2021Final TCPA Weatherization PPP Comments 9-16-2110.1 MBSeptember 16, 2021Final TCPA Administrative Penalties Comments Filed 9-16-216.0 MBSeptember 16, 2021Project No. 52373 - Executive Summary for TCPA Comments Demand Response Questions4.2 MBSeptember 9, 2021Project No. 52345 – Critical Natural Gas Facilities and Entities – TCPA Response to Staff Question3.7 MBAugust 16, 2021Project No. 52373 – Review of Wholesale Electric Market Design - TCPA Response to Commission Questions4.9 MBAugust 16, 2021PROJECT NO. 51840 – TCPA Comments on Commission Staff’s Discussion Draft and Questions for Comment11.1 MBJuly 30, 2021TCPA Comments on Weatherization 6-23-215.8 MBJune 24, 2021Project 51871 TCPA Response to the Commission Request for Comments on the Low System-Wide Offer CAP866.4 KBMarch 19, 2021Project 48249-TCPA Reply Comments on the Staff Strawman Proposal6.7 MBAugust 4, 2020TCPA Letter on Shelter-in-Place Orders 3-25-202018.2 MBMarch 25, 2020Project 49125-Electric Vehicle Comments1.8 MBFebruary 3, 2020TCPA Exceptions to CenterPoint PFD486.9 KBOctober 10, 2019Docket 48366 - TCPA Reply to Order Requesting Information & Briefing2.4 MBAugust 30, 2019TCPA Post-Hearing Reply Brief in CenterPoint Rate Case491.1 KBJuly 16, 2019TCPA Statement of Position in Centerpoint Rate Case135.5 KBJune 12, 2019TCPA Post-Hearing Initial Brief in Centerpoint Rate Case997.1 KBJune 12, 201949421-42 Letter to Mr. Journeay Regarding Application of Centerpoint Energy Houston Electric, LLC for Authority to Change Rates116.9 KBApril 29, 2019Docket 49421116.9 KBApril 26, 201948540-57 Joint Reply Comments of TCPA and LCRA on Review of Real-Time Co-Optimization in the ERCOT Market709.2 KBApril 25, 2019PUC 48540 - TCPA Comments on RTC - Final60.5 KBApril 15, 2019TCPA Reply Comments on Resource Adequacy Project 48721158.4 KBFebruary 25, 2019Final TCPA Comments on Resource Adequacy Rule Changes153.7 KBFebruary 11, 2019TCPA Comments Following ERCOT's Fourth Status Update30.7 KBNovember 16, 2018TCPA Reply Comments on Non-Traditional Technologies35.7 KBNovember 16, 2018Final TCPA Comments on Non-Traditional Technologies34.6 KBNovember 2, 2018Final TCPA Comments on Questions 2-8872.4 KBOctober 18, 2018