The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) manages the flow of electric power to more than 26 million Texas customers — representing about 90 percent of the state’s electric load. As the independent system operator for the region, ERCOT schedules power on an electric grid that connects more than 46,500 miles of transmission lines and 710+ generation units.


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TCPA members are market participants at ERCOT with representation in the independent generator, independent power marketer, and independent retail electric provider segments. They hold seats at every level, including the ERCOT Board of Directors, the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), and the Wholesale Market Subcommittee (WMS). TCPA sponsors protocol revision requests, serve in leadership positions, and actively advocate for policies that promote a reliable electric grid and a vibrant competitive marketplace. In addition, TCPA meets regularly with ERCOT leadership and staff.

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ERCOT Filings

1216NPRR-07 TCPA Comments 032624412.3 KBMarch 26, 2024FINAL TCPA Comments on FFSS 12-9-2231.9 KBDecember 9, 2022Joint Commenters Comments on Proposed Amendment to ERCOT Bylaws 9.3057.3 KBSeptember 30, 20221085NPRR-10 Joint Commenters Comments 051022195.8 KBMay 10, 20221108NPRR-21 TCPA Comments 04122259.5 KBApril 12, 2022Final TCPA Comments on NPRR 110823.0 KBMarch 25, 2022TCPA Comments on NPRR 1092 3-8-2228.0 KBMarch 8, 20221097NPRR-05 TCPA Comments 01072240.1 KBJanuary 7, 20221105NPRR-04 TCPA Comments 111021126.5 KBNovember 10, 20211084NPRR-11_Joint_Commenters_Comments_09152142.6 KBSeptember 15, 20211085NPRR-09_Joint_Commenters_Comments_09152147.7 KBSeptember 15, 2021NPRR 1085 - Ensuring Continuous Validity of Physical Responsive Capability (PRC) and Dispatch through Timely Changes to Resource Telemetry and Current Operating Plans (COPs)22.4 KBJuly 14, 2021NPRR 1084 - Improvements to Reporting of Resource Outages and Derates22.4 KBJuly 14, 2021ERCOT Securitization Legis Comment1.2 MBJune 8, 2021PGRR 88 TCPA Comments-Include Financial Security Amount in the Monthly Generator Interconnection Status Report22.1 KBOctober 20, 2020NPRR 994 TCPA TIEC Joint Comments22.1 KBJuly 6, 2020NPRR 1006 TCPA Comments Final Update Emergency Response Service (ERS) Restoration Assumption for Reliability Deployment Price Adder to Match Actual Data39.0 KBApril 9, 2020TCPA CONE Study Comments - February 2020 FINAL28.2 KBApril 8, 2020NPRR 997 Gas Pipeline Coordination for Natural Gas Generation Resources52.0 KBApril 7, 2020NPRR 975 Load Forecast Model Transparency23.4 KBDecember 12, 2019NPRR 974 - Capacity Insufficiency Operating Condition Notice (OCN) Transparency44.3 KBSeptember 30, 2019NPRR 975 - Load Forecast Model Transparency38.6 KBSeptember 30, 2019NPRR-934-Comments49.0 KBMay 16, 2019Final NPRR Joint Stakeohlder Comments 2-1-19 NPRR 912423.0 KBFebruary 1, 2019TCPA Comments on NPRR 91244.0 KBJanuary 8, 2019